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How long does it take to send a group text abroad? International SMS group sending platform which regular?

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     Short message group sending low cost, high accuracy, especially suitable for overseas promotion business enterprises to send, can be said that the development prospect of the short message market is very good, so how long will it take to send a group message abroad? International SMS group sending platform which formal?

How long does it take to send a group text abroad

    Enterprises need to pay attention to the sending time when sending international text messages in groups, and try to choose the time when users are resting to send, so that users will open faster and the message reading rate will be higher. The choice of reliable international short message platform can generally achieve fast seconds, short message platform directly, generally send volume will be large, many enterprises will submit tens of thousands, tens of thousands of thousands of numbers, completely send ten thousand, also need a certain amount of time. Generally, a group text message of 100,000, half an hour or so can be sent to complete.

How to choose a regular international SMS platform

I. Qualification of short message platform

    Industrial and commercial business license, telecom business license, website record, etc. It can select the international SMS service platform with strong strength, product quality and related rights and interests are guaranteed.

2. SMS platform function

    The simple and easy to operate SMS platform interface can let users quickly familiar with the section; Including a variety of common functions, in line with the operating habits of most people, fool operation is the best; If there is a web version and software version, more convenient to manage and send information at any time.

3.Short message price

    International short MESSAGE IS TO SEND QUANTITY CHARGE BY SHORT MESSAGE COMMONLY, MARKET PRICE IS DIFFERENT, HIGH CAN REACH 89 points, LOW ALSO CAN REACH 2-3 points. In general, the larger the quantity, the cheaper it is, but do not order from a platform with very low cost, which will result in poor quality products and services.

4.SMS sending speed, arrival rate and stability

    SMS sending speed and arrival rate are important indicators of product quality of international SMS service platform. Regular international SMS providers usually have their own direct channels to ensure the delivery speed and arrival rate of SMS.