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International SMS verification code The international SMS verification code sending platform is used for services such as app registration, website member registration, and user password retrieval (without receiving codes)
International SMS self-service platform Suitable for exploring new businesses, marketing campaign operations, etc
International marketing SMS For enterprises that require voice prompt verification codes
International voice messaging For enterprises that require voice prompt verification codes
International SMS API interface Commonly seen in enterprise business adjustments, new activity reminders, etc
International notification SMS Suitable for exploring new businesses, marketing campaign operations, etc

The benefits of using our platform

Will increase customer orders
The transaction volume will increase
Fans will increase
Brand awareness enhancement

Talk2allSMS Advantages

High quality communication technology creates a first-class customer experience

Stable and reliable
The platform supports high capacity, high concurrency, distributed clustering, high availability, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, and highly elastic and scalable network architecture
Stable and reliable
High arrival rate
Hundreds of operator direct connection channels, optimized anti interception and anti blocking, achieving higher success rates
High arrival rate
3 second touch
Multi node servers reduce data latency, multi-channel operators ensure second level response, and self-developed platforms continuously upgrade over a thousand seconds
3 second touch
Unlimited language
Covering multiple languages worldwide, ensuring coverage of over 95% of the global population
Unlimited language
Free testing
After connecting with customer service, all channels support free testing, and the testing results are not free of charge
Free testing
Unlimited area
Covering over 220 countries and regions worldwide, all regions except mainland China can be sent
Unlimited area


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Education Unified and standardized management of students can be achieved through educational SMS platforms, such as class scheduling, parent notifications, and school activities, which can be communicated to students through group SMS, facilitating management work and improving efficiency. Replace phone or fax with text messages.
Finance Real time feedback on account information can be provided through SMS, enabling customers to understand their consumption and account balance in real time. Timely detect incorrect transactions and avoid complex disputes. Customers register and log in to the system in advance to set the requirements for this function. Once set, the system provides automatic notification services.
Game During upgrades, the service is often suspended and the game cannot be logged in during the upgrade period. Therefore, game companies can send game upgrade messages to players one day in advance, informing them of the specific upgrade time to avoid upgrading without the player's knowledge and affecting their impression of the game.
Pearls and jewels Send warm wishes to customers on special days. For example, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, clients' birthdays, etc; Sending holiday marketing messages usually offers significant discounts for major holidays, and consumers will definitely seize the opportunity to make large purchases. Merchants' promotional messages are bound to add fuel to their original purchasing enthusiasm.
Pearls and jewels
Dress and personal adornment
Dress and personal adornment Famous clothing industry brands will have their own brand membership cards, and merchants will definitely encourage customers to apply for membership cards and increase repurchase rates. Customers can send their membership card, recharge, and consumption information to their mobile phones through SMS platforms, allowing them to understand the whereabouts of their money and feel more at ease with their consumption.
Real estate Property management can directly inform each owner of monthly water and electricity costs, parking fees, property management fees, and other notifications through SMS group messaging, reminding them to pay in a timely manner and not to exceed the deadline. At the same time, when encountering emergency situations, such as the pandemic sweeping across the country, the property management can also inform users of new regulations such as community visits not allowed through SMS, and remind homeowners to avoid gatherings, go out less, wash their hands frequently, and wear masks when going out.
Real estate

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