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How to connect the international SMS group interface? How to choose an international SMS service platform?

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Ⅰ.How to connect the international SMS group interface? 

    The process of connecting the international SMS group interface is not complicated, the operation is very simple, and it can be done in fifteen minutes. The specific steps are described as follows: 

    The first step, and the most important step, is to choose a high-quality international short message service platform;

    The second step is to contact the customer service of the platform, and then complete the registration of the enterprise account;

    The third step is to complete the real-name authentication of the enterprise account;

    The fourth step is to enter the background of the SMS service platform, ask the platform technicians to complete the technical connection and complete the test;

    The fifth step, after the test is successful, negotiate with the service platform to sign a contract and pay the prepaid fee.     After completing these five steps, even if the SMS interface is successfully connected, it can be officially put into use. 

Ⅱ.How to choose an international SMS service platform? 

    For new users, in order to choose a high-quality international short message service platform, the key points are as follows: 

    1.Whether they have formal qualifications: whether they have relevant qualifications such as telecom value-added business licenses. 

    2.Whether the operation of the platform is stable and the functions are complete; if an international SMS platform can operate for a long time and has accumulated many customers, it means that the stability of the platform is guaranteed and the functions are complete. 

    3.Can you try it for free: if you say 10,000 to 10,000, whether the platform is good or not, you still have to try it yourself to know. 

    4.Whether there is a complete after-sales service: whether the platform can provide complete technical and customer service support to relieve users' worries. 

    5.Whether the price is reasonable: A regular and high-quality international SMS platform must be priced reasonably and provide customers with cost-effective international SMS products.

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