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Tomb-Sweeping Day | Once Every Year, Once Every Memorial

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Tomb-Sweeping Day is an ancient festival of the Chinese nation. It is not only a solemn holiday for tomb-sweeping and ancestor worship but also a festival for people to get close to nature, enjoy spring outings, and experience the joy of spring. The Qingming solar term, signified by the Dou Pointer to Aries (or when the sun's ecliptic longitude reaches 15°), occurs around April 5th in the Gregorian calendar. In this season, when life flourishes and nature expels the old and welcomes the new, the earth shows scenes of spring warmth and clarity. It is the ideal time for outdoor spring journeys and engaging in the tomb-sweeping ceremony.

Holiday Notice for Tomb-Sweeping Day

We extend our deepest thanks to all our Talk2all customers for their unwavering support and trust. To ensure proper holiday scheduling for Tomb-Sweeping Day, we offer the following details:

1.Holiday Period

Our company will observe a 3-day holiday from April 4th to April 6th, 2024. Our customer service department will operate as usual during this time to ensure uninterrupted and stable service.

2.Resumption of Normal Business Hours

On April 7th, 2024 (Sunday), our staff will resume normal work operations, with all departments returning to usual business routines.

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With each Tomb-Sweeping Day comes a time of reflection

As the wind combs through thousands of willow strands by the pavilion front, we find ourselves in another season of Tomb-Sweeping Day. This April, as the spring breeze touches our faces and willows gently sway, we welcome the most solemn and grand festival of ancestor worship of the Chinese nation - Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Tomb-Sweeping Day is China's traditional festival for tomb-sweeping rituals. Starting from ancient grave worshiping ceremonies, it has evolved over millennia into a national event to honor the sages, remember the past, and pay tribute to family members.

"Every year, the wild grass overgrows the old path, and with each Tomb-Sweeping Day, we remember those who passed." On this day, people go back to their hometowns, gather, and bring offerings like fruits, pastries, wine, and flower baskets to pay their respects at their relatives' and ancestors' graves. In the countryside, there is a tradition of "hanging green" for Tomb-Sweeping Day. Paper strips are prepared in advance and hung in front of the graves. The more the graves are decorated with these paper strips, the more it signifies a family's adherence to filial piety and their flourishing lineage. Both offering sacrifices and "hanging green" serve to express the deep remembrance and mourning for the deceased, hoping their spirits will bless the family with prosperity and well-being. These yearly rituals also remind the younger generations about the importance of gratitude and respect and reflect the concept of finding one's roots in the pursuit of modernity. As the saying goes, "To find one's roots is to inquire about one's ancestors." Our roots lie within our ancestors: like a tall tree with lush foliage thrives from its roots. Let's not forget our origins on this special day each year and strive to make our ancestors proud.

On Tomb-Sweeping Day, we remember not just ancestors and loved ones but also great leaders and heroes who paved the way for modern China with their wisdom and sacrifices. Each year, numerous individuals lay fresh flowers at the Monument to the People's Heroes, and many more visit Shaoshan to pay tribute to Chairman Mao. These commemorative activities play a crucial role in cultural heritage and enhancing national unity.

Tomb-Sweeping Day is both a time for reverence and for welcoming the spring. "As everything grows at this time, all is pure and clear." When Tomb-Sweeping Day arrives, the weather warms, life rejuvenates, and everything is bursting with vitality and prosperity, making it an ideal time for a spring excursion. Following the tomb-sweeping ritual, people relax and venture out with friends and family for spring outings, transforming the somber memory of the lost into passionate vitality for life and optimism for the future within the embrace of lush and fragrant nature.
On this Tomb-Sweeping Day, may the spirits of the departed find comfort, and may peace prevail both in heaven and on earth.