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"Heart to Heart, Grassroots Engagement, Face to Face, Problem Solving" | Warmly welcome leaders from city and district levels to visit and guide the work at our company.

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On April 9th, Chen Liwen, the Executive Deputy Secretary and Second-level Inspector of the Municipal Government Work Committee, visited Hunan Talk2all Communications Co., Ltd. with her team to carry out the "Heart to Heart, Grassroots Engagement, Face to Face, Problem Solving" initiative. Her visit aimed to gain in-depth understanding of the company's actual situation, attentively listen to the company's demands, and offer solutions for the development challenges faced by the enterprise. Zheng Zhigang, General Manager of the company, and Cheng Haibo, Deputy General Manager, warmly received the visitors and participated in the symposium.

During the research activity, Deputy General Manager Cheng Haibo provided the visiting Secretary Chen Liwen and her team with detailed information regarding the company’s developmental history, business layout, and achievements. Afterwards, at the symposium, both parties had a thorough exchange concerning the company’s operational status, product development progress, and the main difficulties and challenges currently faced.


Chen Liwen carefully listened to the reports from the company and engaged in an in-depth analysis and discussion regarding the issues and difficulties raised by the enterprise. She stressed that the municipal government agencies and related departments would actively perform their functions, strengthen communication with enterprises, and provide precise and effective services to help resolve the difficulties encountered in their development. Especially concerning market promotion and brand building, more support and guidance would be offered to help enterprises expand their market share, enhance their brand influence, and achieve sustainable development.

General Manager Zheng Zhigang warmly welcomed Secretary Chen Liwen and her group, expressing his gratitude for the long-term care and support provided by the municipal party committee and government towards the enterprise. He stated that the company would actively adopt and implement the leadership’s suggestions and requirements, continuously enhance its developmental capabilities and product competitiveness, and set an industry benchmark.