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Field Visit and Research Activity by Yuetang District Tax Bureau at Hunan Taao Communication Co., Ltd.

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Recently, to research the economic development of private enterprises and listen to the voices of enterprise representatives, Wu Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Yuetang District Tax Bureau, and his team visited Hunan Taao Communication Co., Ltd. for a field survey.


During the meeting, Zheng Zhigang, General Manager of Hunan Taao Communication Co., Ltd., provided a detailed introduction of the company's current production and operational developments to the tax officials.


Hunan Taao Communication Co., Ltd. is a high-tech communication enterprise that provides global mobile connectivity services and comprehensive solutions. The company focuses on cellular network cloud connection technology, offering extensive mobile network connectivity services and a one-stop cloud SIM solution for diverse IoT devices worldwide.

Since its inception, the company has successively been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a "Double Soft" enterprise in Hunan Province, and a specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise in Hunan Province.

During the meeting, tax officials engaged in face-to-face discussions with the company's financial staff, addressing difficulties, pain points, and bottlenecks in corporate income tax in detail. They also collected opinions and suggestions on tax policy implementation and service measures.

By focusing on the urgent issues of the company, the tax bureau aims to accelerate technological innovation and contribute to high-quality development through tax incentives.


During the meeting, Director Wu Yang mentioned that Taao Communication Co., Ltd. has played an important role in stable growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment, and improving people's livelihoods. The company is an important force in driving economic and social development.

The district bureau will actively continue to research and visit private enterprises, further leveraging tax research to incentivize businesses, persistently resolving tax-related queries with a "drip irrigation" approach, and continuously developing in expanding the total amount, optimizing stock, improving quality, and serving local economic development.


"Our achievements owe much to the guidance of the district bureau. The tax experts are responsive and considerate, allowing us to focus wholeheartedly on product development. They provide us with strong motivation for innovation, production, and development!" praised Zheng Zhigang, General Manager of Hunan Taao Communication Co., Ltd.

In conclusion, Wu Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Yuetang District Tax Bureau, stated that the tax authorities will continue to assist the rapid development of private enterprises with greater effort, more favorable policies, and better services. They will contribute to local economic development and provide comprehensive lifecycle services to enterprises, allowing more "Little Giants" to emerge and thrive.