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How to send SMS to foreign countries? How much do you charge for sending SMS to foreign countries

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Today, with the continuous development of Internet technology, international SMS is still used by more and more enterprise users as an indispensable marketing method to promote the brand because of its convenience, direct, low operating cost and good effect. International SMS can support multiple languages around the world, and is widely used. It can send international SMS verification code, international notification SMS, international marketing SMS and other scenarios.

First, how to send messages to foreign countries? There are generally two ways to send SMS to foreign countries: one is to send SMS by personal mobile phone, and the other is to send SMS to customers by enterprise users through international platforms

1. The sending method of personal mobile phone short messages is the same as that of ordinary domestic short messages. First, the edited content is directly sent to the other party's mobile phone. The only difference is that the sending format is different. The sending format of foreign short messages is: international number 00 plus country code, and then the other party's mobile phone number; It can also be 00 plus the area code of the other party and the mobile phone number.

2. Enterprise users and customers send international short messages in groups. If they send them to customers one by one through mobile phones, it is too time-consuming and the sending process is too complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to use the international short message service platform. The international short message platform is simple, convenient, accurate and safe. It can handle numerous short messages at the same time, so that users can save time, money and worry.

3. How much do you charge for sending SMS to foreign countries? There is no unified standard for the charges for sending SMS to foreign countries. There will not be too much difference in price and it will not be too expensive. The platform usually recommends that users buy packages more cost-effective. An international SMS is between 0.2 yuan and 0.8 yuan. International platforms generally adopt the method of pre charging, and deduct fees according to the amount of short messages sent by users. After a period of time, users will receive the current consumption records sent by the platform. For regular short message platforms, such as talk2all international short message platform, users do not need to worry about whether there is arbitrary deduction of fees.