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Is there a requirement for the word count for bulk international text messages? How to choose an international SMS group sending platform?

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    International SMS can realize one-to-one and one-to-many countries to send SMS in bulk, as long as the country number and accurate number are provided, it can be sent. Because there are many countries and regions involved in international text messages, the restrictions and requirements for sending international text messages in each region are different.

There is a limit on the number of characters in the SMS group sending software:

    There is a limit on the number of characters in the mass messaging software. Generally, there are two types of long text messages and short text messages. The billing method is the same. General text messages are limited to 300 characters. The billing rules are: 70 words per piece, more than 70 words are regarded as long text messages. Then, each 67 words of the content is billed as one piece. You can send up to 500 words at a time.

The concept of word count for bulk SMS:

    A long text message means that the number of words received by the mobile phone is more than 70 words. Long text messages correspond to the number of words in general text messages. Ordinary text messages are generally 70 words. In fact, the sending mode of long text messages is also sent in the form of ordinary text messages. However, after special marking, the short messages are connected together, that is, they are combined into long short messages. Generally, each short message has a short message signature. Of course, the fixed signature is also counted as the number of words. Generally, each message is 70 words, and the long message count is generally 70, 67, 66. , 65, etc. There are also slight differences in different counts for each platform.

    Each Chinese character, letter, number, and punctuation mark here is counted as a word, and the SMS signature is the total number of characters in the SMS.

Select an international SMS group sending platform:

    1. Formal and legal operating qualifications, with business licenses, domain name certificates, and domain name filings.

    2. The information content specified by the user can be quickly and timely sent to the specified target area and customer group after the review is completed in a shorter time.

    3. High accuracy. Requirements can be delivered directly to the recipient's mobile phone.

    4. Complete functional modules.

    5. The operation interface is concise and clear, convenient and easy to understand, and has strong operability.

    6. Reasonable SMS price. A good SMS platform will not and cannot do whatever you want in pricing. Under the adjustment of the market economy, a mature industry has its own industry standards.