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How to send international SMS marketing content? International short message marketing platform which good?

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The continuous development of science and technology has greatly changed people's life. More than 20 years ago, the use of mobile phones, mainly used to make calls and send short messages, has brought convenience for people to communicate with each other in daily life. Later the emergence of wechat, largely instead of SMS, but our mobile phones in daily life will still receive all kinds of SMS, such as verification code SMS, member notification SMS and marketing SMS launched by the major shopping malls. 

The importance of these short messages to people is currently irreplaceable by wechat. And various application scenarios of SMS by more and more enterprise users pay attention to and use, especially marketing SMS. Because SMS marketing can save operating costs compared with other marketing methods, but also more convenient and direct to promote communication with customers, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid transaction. So, how do you send marketing content? Here are some suggestions:

1. clear marketing purpose, what products or brands to promote, to design good marketing content;

2.Plan marketing activities. The duration of marketing activities should not be too long, so as not to cause customers to feel tired and lose interest. Nor should the interval be too long in order to secure long-term customers

3.control the number of words, short message length should not be too long, marketing focus on the content in front, the number of words should be controlled within 70 characters as far as possible;

4.the best choice of holiday send, additional holiday blessing content, let marketing humanization;

5.creative marketing, create a good copy, text should not be rigid, lively, interesting, stimulate customers' desire to buy;

6. Master the work and rest rules of customers and send them at appropriate time;

7.the number of sending should not be too frequent, so as not to cause customer disgust.

Send international marketing SMS in addition to creating a perfect marketing program, the most critical thing is to choose a formal, appropriate platform. Talk2all international platform supports global languages, safe, stable, efficient, for enterprises to expand overseas markets, improve the visibility of enterprises in the international market help.