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Where is the free international SMS platform?What are the charges for international SMS in different countries?

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Nowadays, the international SMS platform has become a means for most enterprises with overseas business to maintain customers and expand their business. It is very common to send short messages such as marketing and verification codes.

Where is the free international SMS platform? How to choose?

1. Qualification of the enterprise

    Enterprise business license, enterprise address, and the relevant qualifications of the enterprise's short message service. Through the enterprise qualification, some unreliable enterprises can be screened out.

2. Enterprise services

Looking at a company's services from the process of registration, experience, reporting templates, etc., some companies basically do not contact users for a long time after registration, so when problems arise after choosing to use later, it will greatly affect the experience of enterprise users. .

3. Enterprise channel resources

Many companies say how many countries and regions they can support in the world, which can be viewed through their quotations. The more countries and regions that are supported, the more powerful the company and the more abundant the channel resources. The richer channel resources can also improve the guarantee rate.

4. Price

International SMS is to distinguish between card issuance and formal operator reporting. The price of the card is particularly low, the cost of card issuance is low, and the arrival rate is low. The resources reported by regular operators have a higher arrival rate and higher cost.

5. Interface

Whether the enterprise's docking SMS API interface is sound, simple and clear, so that the docking can improve the efficiency of the enterprise and save time.

What are the charges for international SMS in different countries?

Many times, companies will have a question when choosing an international SMS platform. Why is there such a big price difference in the charging standards of different countries?

1. Cards are cheaper than regular operators.

2. There may be more than a dozen operators in a country, and each operator has different coverage and quality.

At present, most of the charging methods for international SMS group sending are based on the principles of "pre-charging" and "bulk discount", and the price of an international SMS is between 0.2-0.8 yuan. The specific price depends on the actual situation.