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What are the advantages of international SMS? What services do international SMS need to open? 

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In recent years, with the continuous development of international trade, the economic exchanges between countries in the world have become increasingly close, and many enterprises are constantly expanding their business to other countries. International SMS has been used by more and more enterprises as a marketing method to promote brands in the international market because of its wide coverage, fast arrival and support for multiple languages. The specific advantages of international SMS are as follows:

1. The sending speed is fast. After the SMS content is edited and sent to the customer, it can arrive successfully in 3-5 seconds;

2. It is not limited by time and region. It can send short messages at any time, no matter day or night, as long as the other party permits;

3. The target is accurate, no matter when it is sent, it can be accurately sent to the other party's mobile phone;

4. Low cost and high efficiency. Compared with other marketing methods, the cost of international SMS is relatively low and the effect is good;

5. The content is confidential and safe. The confidentiality system of international operators is quite perfect. Users do not need to worry about the content of SMS being leaked.

International SMS has so many advantages, so what  services do international SMS need to open? The specific process is as follows:

1. Select a regular and stable international SMS platform;

2. Register an account and complete real name authentication;

3. Add SMS signature, enterprise name or brand name;

4. Edit the SMS content conforming to the operator's permission, and try to avoid some related prohibited words, false publicity and illegal links;

5. Test the short message channel, and the user edits the short message to see whether the platform can send it successfully;

6. Sign a contract, sign a formal contract, and the user is guaranteed.

7. After completing the pre payment, you can purchase the package in advance, which is more cost-effective for the user.

After completing these seven steps, the international SMS service will be opened. The most important step is to select a regular and stable international SMS platform., Talk2all international platform has been operating for many years. It has complete formal qualifications, is safe and stable, has good reputation, and is worthy of users' trust.