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What kind of content can Thailand international SMS platform send? What should I pay attention to when sending international text messages?

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  Thailand is a very large and rapidly expanding SMS market with many 'filters' and a good SMS platform will have a direct channel to ensure SMS delivery to all networks.

So what content can the Thai international SMS platform send?

  Thailand is a Buddhist country. In the content of text messages, all religious sensitive content should not appear, otherwise it will easily cause collective opposition from local users, and even risk violating local laws and regulations.

  another example, the holidays and marketing time points in Southeast Asian countries are different. The sending of international SMS needs to consider the actual situation of each country. The SMS push at the same time is far less effective than the targeted push.

  In short, before deciding to send an international text message in Thailand, you must know the corresponding local religions and customs in advance, and have an in-depth understanding of local policies to avoid unnecessary risks.

What precautions should I take when sending international text messages?

1. Do not add jump links in the text message content

  It is a misunderstanding to add a jump link to the content of the text message, because many users have software to protect the mobile phone security on their mobile phones. If a link is added to the text message, it is easy to be intercepted and deleted by the security software on the mobile phone. Therefore, when editing the content of the SMS, do not add a link, you can guide the user to contact customer service online or reply online to ensure the marketing effect.

2. SMS sending time

  The timing of mass sending international text messages is also very particular. Generally, platforms and enterprises will choose to send them at noon or after get off work, otherwise the disgust of customers will result in bad results.

3. The content cannot contain sensitive words

  Some sensitive words should not appear as much as possible, which is easy to be intercepted, and some businesses do not include words such as free delivery when editing text messages, which can easily arouse customers' vigilance and reduce their trust in the company.

4. SMS platform

  The mass international SMS platform must choose a platform with qualifications, high-quality after-sales service, and a good reputation for channel quality. The talk2all international SMS platform is free for trial, and welcome to chat in detail.