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Does the international SMS have a signature? What are the major suppliers of international SMS?

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The short message signature is generally made by adding the enterprise name or project name to the [] symbol. The short message signature is usually located at the beginning of the short message as an identifier, such as [XX technology].

According to the rigid requirements of the operator, each SMS needs to be signed, otherwise it will fail to be sent. SMS signature can be customized, but it must be related to the company's business, such as the company's abbreviation, product name, relevant cooperation agreement and authorized agent product name. Neutral signature or personal signature cannot be used.

What are the requirements for SMS signature?

1. "SMS signature" can be company abbreviation, brand name, application name (website name, APP name, etc.), which needs to be reviewed after submission;

2. The signature will also occupy 2 to 8 characters of the text message. It cannot be pure numbers, letters, no prohibited keywords, or other special symbols;

3. There is no need to add the [] symbol. SMS sending will bring its own symbol. In order to avoid repetition, there is no need to add a symbol during setting;

4. If the signature is inconsistent with the company, it can only be used after obtaining the true authorization certificate of the third party.

What are the major suppliers of international SMS?

SMS service quality can be compared from two aspects: platform qualification and performance indicators.

1. International short message service providers generally need to have value-added telecom business licenses and other operation certificates, and also need to have three network integrated short message channels directly connected with the short message channels of short message operators, otherwise it will prove that the platform is not standardized.

2. As far as technical performance support is concerned, it mainly includes interface concurrency, SMS sending speed, SMS delivery rate, etc. However, we need to remind you that there is no official measurement standard for the above indicators.

An additional point: as for the selection of international SMS service providers, most people may tend to pay attention to the price. Although the price is indeed an important evaluation indicator, we still need to analyze it in combination with the two factors mentioned above. We should also pay attention to the after-sales service of the platform. Once there is a problem, we can't handle it. If the after-sales service of the platform is not in place and technical support is not provided in time, it will also cause bad results.