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Is international SMS a fraud? How to choose a formal international SMS platform?

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International SMS is not fraud. Like domestic SMS, it is a common tool for enterprise users to communicate with customers. International SMS is more widely used than domestic SMS, and can reserve the languages of all countries in the world. It can be used in various scenarios, such as sending notification SMS, verification code SMS, member SMS, marketing SMS, etc. Provide efficient services for multinational enterprises to promote their brands and expand their business scope in the international market. 

Moreover, different from domestic SMS, international operators are very strict in the review of international SMS. When editing international short messages, no prohibited words, violent pictures, false propaganda and illegal links related to pornography, drugs and gambling are allowed. So international SMS is not a fraud.

In the international market, there are a variety of international SMS platforms, including some informal platforms that fish in troubled waters and make up the numbers. Such platforms do not have formal qualifications and are illegal operations. Not only can not send messages in time, but also cause the loss or leakage of user information. Some illegal elements even use some technical means to directly carry out cross-border fraud through this irregular SMS platform, causing huge losses to the property of users and foreign customers. Therefore, users must be careful when choosing an international SMS platform. They should not only be greedy for cheap, but also choose a formal platform by mistake, resulting in the loss outweighing the gain.

So, how to choose a formal international SMS platform? The quality of the mass messaging platform can be judged according to the following points:

1. See the qualification of the platform

Check whether the platform has a business license, whether it has business qualifications such as telecom value-added service business license, short message code access license, and whether it is filed with relevant departments;

2. Look at the passageway of the platform

Regular SMS platforms generally have their own direct channels, and all support the three networks in one channel;

3. Look at the after-sales service of the platform

For value-added telecommunication service products that need technical and R & D support, there should be a perfect after-sales customer service system;

4. See the arrival rate of the platform

The arrival rate of the regular SMS platform must be above 95%;

5. Look at the platform's word of mouth. A regular platform's word of mouth is definitely very good.