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What does SMS verification code mean? How to choose an international SMS verification code platform?

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With the continuous development of the Internet era, SMS has become an indispensable means of communication in our daily life. Mobile SMS is further divided into notification SMS, marketing SMS and SMS verification code. SMS verification code is a very convenient and secure way of network authentication, which brings us a lot of convenience and is widely used.

Mainly used in mobile payment verification, mobile phone registration APP verification, password modification, registration verification, etc. Provide security for the user's identity, ensure user security and prevent malicious registration. Compared with the domestic verification code, the international SMS verification code has an interface program that supports English, and an international SMS verification code development program. It is faster than the domestic SMS verification code, and there is basically no delay.

International SMS verification code is so important, so how should enterprises choose an international SMS verification code platform?

1. Look at the channel

It is very important that the channel of the international SMS verification code platform is smooth. If the SMS verification code is delayed or cannot be sent successfully, the user experience will be poor, which will lead to the loss of users. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly test the issuance speed and arrival rate of the verification code. Generally, stable channel users can receive text messages within a few seconds;

2. Look at the platform qualifications

    Regular international SMS platforms are all qualified, have a long operation time, have a dedicated technical team, and can provide good after-sales service and free testing;

3. Look at after-sales service

    If there are problems such as SMS channel failures in the later stage, professional platform personnel are required to solve them quickly and provide long-term maintenance;

4. Look at the price

    International SMS charges are generally between 0.03 and 0.08 per message. You get what you pay for every penny. Dont choose a platform with a low price because you are greedy for cheapness. The verification code arrives slowly, has a low arrival rate, and is often unstable.    

    The above points are for reference. If you choose a formal international SMS verification code platform, it is recommended to choose Talk2all.