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How many countries do international SMS support? Which enterprises can use international SMS?

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    As one of the promotion methods with low cost, wide coverage and high return, international SMS can be mainly divided into three categories: verification code SMS (OTP), notification SMS and marketing SMS, which can cover more than 200 countries in the world.

   Talk2all international SMS platform covers more than 200 countries in the world and has deep cooperation with many operators. Talk2all international SMS platform supports verification, notification and marketing international SMS, which can be seamlessly connected at home and abroad and globally. It can enhance brand awareness for major enterprises and spread its business all over the world.

   International SMS can be applied in various industries, such as:

E-commerce industry:

    1. Enterprises can send text messages to customers to promote new products when they launch new products, so as to attract customers in need to buy them.

    2. Send blessing information to customers on important festivals, increase brand exposure and improve corporate visibility.

Financial industry:

    1. When marketing customers, it is necessary to have a general understanding of the customer group that sends text messages, infer the needs of customers according to their age, property status, family background and interests, and then conduct precise marketing.

    2. It is sent when most people have a rest, such as after 12:00 noon and after 7:00 pm.

Logistics industry:

    1. Generally speaking, it is sent to customers according to the express SMS platform: delivery notice, arrival notice, receipt notice, receipt feedback, delivery notice, express information release, festival SMS, etc.

    2. You can also send SMS to express company / freight logistics order confirmation, release logistics price, route, vehicle status and other SMS contents.

Game industry:

    1. Good marketing SMS content is helpful for transformation and can stimulate consumers to buy. It is mainly used for daily game operation (update and maintenance) and game member customer notification and reminder SMS.

    2. It can also be used for online promotion of the game, props discount, SMS recall, loss of user groups and other scenarios, which can enhance brand awareness and give consumers a certain impression of our game brand.