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How much do you charge for international text messages? Is a free international messaging platform reliable?

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How do you charge for international short messages?

In the international market, all kinds of international short message platforms do not have uniform standards for short message fees. Different countries and regions have different charging prices, and different service platforms have different charges.

If sent from a mobile phone, an international text message usually costs about one yuan. If corporate users need to send mass text messages to foreign customers, they usually use international service platforms, and the price of a message ranges from 0.02 yuan to 0.08 yuan. The platform only charges a certain service fee, which is still very cheap.

The international service platform for international short message and domestic ordinary short message charging method is different, international short message platform is to take the "pre-charge" way of charging. When an enterprise user has paid the fee in advance on the service platform, the payment will be displayed in the SMS management account of the user, and the deduction will be deducted according to the actual amount of use of the user.

Users can view their SMS sending status, real-time consumption records and consumption details through the platform. The national short message service platform has achieved "low charge, transparent consumption, no arbitrary deduction", so that enterprise users save money and worry.

Is the free international short message platform reliable?

As a result of the current international short message by more and more multinational enterprises value and use, some lawless elements seem to also aim at this "business opportunity". So I built a platform by myself using some technical means to fish in the troubled waters of various dazzling international short message platforms.

They tricked users under the guise of sending free text messages. Such a platform has no connection with the operator, which is an illegal operation, and it is impossible to sign a legal contract with users, so of course there is no legal constraint. The platform stability is poor, not only can not ensure the timely sending of short messages, but also may lead to a large number of users' data leakage and loss, it is really more than worth the loss. So, a free platform like this is definitely not reliable.