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Is international SMS Marketing illegal? How to improve the conversion rate of international SMS marketing?

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1. Is international SMS marketing illegal?

    International SMS marketing itself is not illegal. In recent years, the global epidemic spread, and there is still no sign of abating. Many enterprises cannot carry out physical promotion offline. In order to expand their business scope and enter the international market, they have to choose online marketing. As one of the many marketing channels, international SMS has been recognized and favored by major multinational enterprises. 

    Enterprise users usually use the international SMS service platform to communicate, exchange and publicize with international customers in the form of group SMS. So the international short message marketing as a recognized way of marketing is not illegal this statement. And international marketing messages in the process of sending, takes the international operator, strict examination, if the SMS marketing contains prohibited words about pornography, false advertising, the illegal connection and instigated crime and other illegal content, will be subject to the conditions of operators, result in unable to send, can be seen from it is also the international SMS marketing is legal.

2. How to improve the conversion rate of international SMS marketing?

Enterprises want to improve the conversion rate of international SMS marketing, it is recommended to do the following:

   1. Determine the marketing objectives, screen the precise users with purchase needs in the Internet big data, and properly understand the purchasing ability of these customers;

     2. Define the marketing purpose, what products or brands to promote to customers and design good marketing content;

     3.Control the number of text messages, marketing content can not be too long, try to control within 70 characters;

     4.cut to the chase, put the focus of marketing content in front, so that customers can understand at a glance;

    5. Master the sending time, control the sending frequency, do not send the same marketing content too many times, so as not to cause customer disgust;

    6. if it is a holiday to send, you can add blessing content, so that customers feel warm;

    7.the content to avoid rigid, stiff, try to use humorous words.