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How to send international SMS?Is the international SMS platform legitimate?

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    Today's world is constantly developing, and the society has basically been informatized. If companies with international trade needs want to send SMS to overseas customers, they generally choose an international SMS sending platform, which is safer, more affordable and more convenient than sending SMS individually one-to-one.

1. How to send international SMS?

    There are two main channels for realizing international SMS sending: one is that domestic SMS operators use international SMS to directly connect with foreign SMS operators for sending; Sexually assigned number delivery and custom delivery.

2. Is the international SMS platform legitimate?

    The significance of the international short message platform is to provide a message dissemination platform for the multinational development of various enterprises to improve the company's efficiency. At present, in terms of information dissemination and marketing methods, mass international SMS has the characteristics of fast speed, high dispersion, low investment and labor, flexibility and precision, and can also maximize the conversion rate of marketing activities.

3. How is the international SMS platform billed?

    All international text messages have a word limit, including punctuation marks, 70 words are a short message, so we try to control the number of words when editing the content of the text message, which is concise and clear. When sending, be sure to pay attention to the time to send the text message, and choose to send it when the user is resting.

    When sending, international short messages must be written according to the sending specifications. When sending numbers, international short messages must be sent according to the rules of international prefixes, country codes, and mobile phone numbers.

    The charging standard of international SMS platform for SMS is basically the same as that of other regions. Sending is divided into different regions. Different regions have different prices and differences, which are determined according to the content you send. The higher the number of top-up SMS, the lower the relative price.

    While moving towards internationalization, the international SMS group sending platform has also driven corporate brands to gradually move towards globalized international marketing. Only with international information exchanges can they create more unlimited business opportunities for major enterprises.