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Is the content of international SMS mass messaging platform limited? What are the techniques of group texting?

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Nowadays, with the increasing accuracy and individuation of the SMS group sending business, the SMS group sending marketing service of the SMS platform has been widely used by many enterprises with foreign trade business, and the advantages of the SMS platform are used to help enterprises improve the marketing effect. So, what are some common techniques used in the process of mass texting?

1, Greetings promotion, the combination of the two

In general, the content of text messages can greatly influence the customer's decision. Every holiday, in the greeting message appropriate to join the company's preferential information or product publicity, easier to make consumers accept, attractive, so as to improve the odds of product sales.

2. Text messages are concise and interesting

Sending group text messages to customers is also a way for enterprises to communicate with customers indirectly. Since you can't communicate face to face, sending a text message requires more excellent word art. If the promotion content is too long and complicated, it will easily cause customer aversion and lead to customer loss.

Enterprises need to carefully grind the text message to get useful information, add the right amount of interesting and lively content, will not appear abrupt, customer acceptance will be enhanced.

3, Division and classification, targeted

Mass texting is not as simple as adding numbers in batches and clicking send. To get better feedback, you must categorize the sending object.

Enterprises can divide customer groups according to different factors, such as age, consumption view, occupation, region, etc., and then do specific SMS marketing content for different customers and different stages, the effect will be better.

4. The content is appropriate and the time is appropriate

Different industries and fields have different job characteristics and breaks, and different products are aimed at different users of different ages and genders. So it's very important to know exactly when to send a text message.

The best times for group texting are generally 9am, 12pm-2pm and 7-8pm. For most marketing messages, the same number of customers are usually suitable for once a day, the frequency of member SMS notification reminder can be appropriately improved.