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What is the reason for the instability of mass SMS sending? How to select SMS mass sending platform?

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    Now most enterprises will choose to send marketing messages in groups for publicity, but some enterprises will think that the mass sending of SMS is unstable. What is the reason? How should enterprises choose their own mass messaging platform? Let's discuss it together.

The quality of SMS channels of mass SMS companies is poor

     SMS channel is one of the main reasons for instability of mass SMS sending. There are many mass SMS sending companies and platforms on the market. Due to the insufficient strength of some platforms, they often use second-hand and third-party SMS channels, and there is no dedicated direct SMS channel, so it is difficult to control the stability. In addition, some companies do not have backup SMS channels. Once the used SMS channels have problems, there will be no additional channels for emergency use.

Number problem

    SMS can be received when the phone is turned on or turned off for less than an hour. SMS cannot be received when the phone is turned off for more than an hour. Or there is a problem with the numbers provided. When dialing these numbers, they will appear, stop, shut down, have no number, or the number does not exist. In this case, users cannot receive SMS messages.

Message sending content is illegal

   If the content sent by SMS contains illegal and sensitive content, such as pornography, gambling, drugs and keywords prohibited by other operators, it will fail to pass the review.

   Therefore, when choosing the mass messaging platform, we must be careful to make clear the business process and charging standards of the platform in advance. Don't blindly pursue low prices and ignore the quality of the mass messaging platform, which results in unstable mass messaging.、

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