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What is the charging standard for bulk SMS, will the fee be deducted if the sending fails?

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    In today's era, technology is changing, and mass SMS as a marketing method has gradually become the mainstream idea in various industries. Faced with various SMS platforms in the market, it is inevitable that some companies will have some confusion and doubts in terms of charging, and the failure to send SMS will be deducted. fee? What are the charges for bulk texting? Next, I will do a simple analysis based on the actual situation.

Ⅰ.What are the charges for group texting?

    The charging method of the mass messaging platform is generally in the form of a ladder. Each SMS platform will launch different preferential purchase packages. The more purchases are made at one time, the lower the unit price.

    At present, the general price of more formal platforms is 4-6 cents per article, but this is only an approximate range, and the charges should be fluctuated according to different contents and industries. For example, the price of the financial industry is higher than that of the ordinary industry.

    The mass SMS platform is also divided into two billing modes: successful billing and submission billing. The billing model of successful billing is generally clear, and short messages are deducted according to the actual number of successful short messages, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises who need a large number of mass short messages.

    Although this mode is relatively rare now, it is still used in some informal SMS platforms. This payment is deducted based on the number of SMS submissions, regardless of whether the delivery was successful or unsuccessful. Especially for some enterprise users whose numbers are not very accurate, it is not as cost-effective as the former.

Ⅱ.Will the SMS platform be charged for failing to send SMS?

    Under normal circumstances, the SMS platform will not charge if it is unsuccessful, but it must be determined for the operator system that the transmission is unsuccessful. In addition, if the operator's server does not receive short messages, it is also free of charge.

    Of course, if SMS group sending fails, there will be charges in the following scenarios, such as mobile phone shutdown or blacklisted phone numbers.

    However, it should be reminded that if you send SMS messages to too many customers in batches at one time, the sending speed may be slowed down, and occasionally there will be SMS congestion during the peak period of holiday SMS sending. The premise that the sending quality will not be affected at all is that the short message service provider that the enterprise cooperates with is a regular short message platform.