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What are the advantages of international mass messaging? Is there a trick to SMS marketing?

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      With the continuous development of communication technology, various enterprises and merchants of marketing means emerge in an endless stream, wechat, community and other fission marketing occupy the mainstream, SMS marketing is gradually not paid attention to, even many enterprises have given up SMS marketing.

      In fact, SMS marketing has its unique advantages, think SMS marketing effect is not good often because have not mastered SMS marketing skills.

1. Advantages of SMS marketing

     The biggest advantage of SMS marketing is that it is fast and direct, compared with other marketing methods, SMS marketing links and processes are the shortest.

Wechat needs users to add wechat signals first, the community needs customers to join the community, even if it is added to the community or wechat, but also need customers to open a community or wechat operation, to be able to accept the message sent by enterprises and businesses.

But SMS marketing does not have such a link, only need to have a customer's mobile phone number, can directly send information to customers, to reduce the loss of customers to the greatest extent, SMS marketing with its own cost performance, will win more recognition of the market.

2. SMS marketing techniques

     The technique of SMS marketing lies in "quality" and "quantity".

The short message sent by the enterprise should have enough information, but be sure to send it in a short message. Before sending the short message, add interesting and lively content, which can arouse the desire of customers to read.

      However, it is not always better to send more SMS. Too many SMS messages will annoy the customer, which is easy to be regarded as harassing messages or spam messages by the customer and it is difficult to develop customers.

3. Choose an SMS marketing platform

     There are many SMS marketing platforms on the market, SMS platform promotion price is more affordable, the use of SMS marketing promotion, not only fast, low cost, and the effect of the bar. Talk2all international SMS platform has a short message arrival rate of more than 99%, the speed is extremely fast 3 seconds can be reached, and the channel can be independently changed under the premise of ensuring stability, it is recommended to use.