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What's the use of bulk international SMS? How about the promotion effect of bulk SMS ?

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 The convenience brought by the Internet has enabled more and more people to choose online shopping, and also promoted the rapid development of the logistics express industry. With the increasing volume of express mail, it will consume a lot of time and communication costs if each customer is notified to pick up the mail one by one. 

However, if you choose to bulk sms, you can solve the efficiency problem of notification pickup, and also solve most of the communication cost consumption, which is more conducive to customers' timely understanding of their express delivery arrival. The use of international SMS is very extensive, and it is not limited to industries. Any type of multinational enterprise can meet the needs of international SMS.

一、 Advantages of international SMS

 1. The sending of international SMS does not depend on the Internet, and it can be sent without the network. Users can set their own sending time and send SMS anytime, anywhere.

 2. Compared with other traditional marketing methods, international SMS marketing has low investment and high return. It can be accurately sent to every customer, and it is fast and convenient to send within five seconds.

 3. International SMS is not restricted by regions and countries. It can be sent as long as the platform has corresponding route. There is no upper limit for group sending, and multiple countries and regions can be sent at a time. As long as the content does not violate the rules, the arrival rate is as high as 97%.

 4. International SMS group sending is highly interactive. Users can check it repeatedly. Even if they are not interested, they will not disappear without manually deleting the SMS.

 International bulk sms is like a bridge to communicate, and there is no specific consumer group. If you send them to users in batches, there will always be customers with needs. You can send short SMS to customers during festivals and new product launch, maintain old customers, develop new customers, and let users remember the enterprise. Maintaining the relationship between new and old customers is also an important part of the enterprise, and international SMS can well meet this demand of the enterprise. The enterprise only needs to provide the receiving number and sending content to send with one click.

 The talk2all international short message platform has a very stable route and is the best choice for international bulk sms enterprises.