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What can international SMS bring to enterprises? Can international text messages send pictures?

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With the continuous development of global economy, economic globalization has become one of the important characteristics of contemporary world economy, which is also an important trend of world economic development.The rapid development of the world economy has also brought new opportunities to enterprises. International SMS has become a standing tool for more and more overseas enterprises. The international SMS sending platform can gradually drive the globalization of enterprise brands and create unlimited business opportunities for major enterprises.

1. What can international SMS bring to enterprises?

Sending SMS messages is a convenient and fast way for companies to expand their overseas markets. International SMS can effectively help cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics, foreign trade websites, overseas APPS and other fields, enabling enterprises to achieve global business expansion and development.It has natural advantages for enterprises to quickly build brand image, cultivate a sense of trust with all kinds of international customers, and enhance brand marketing. It can greatly improve the conversion rate of enterprise marketing promotion, accurate drainage, and activate users.

2. How many international SMS services are there?

You can send international SMS messages in either of the following ways: 00+ country code + user number or 00+ area code + user number. One is enterprise-level international SMS, generally looking for a professional international SMS service platform.

3. Can international SMS send pictures?

International SMS is the same as domestic SMS, international SMS can send pictures. Can deliver all kinds of different types, comprehensive content of information, support multimedia function. This information includes voice, data. Information in various multimedia formats, such as text and images.

4. How to choose an international SMS platform?

Talk2all international SMS platform helps enterprises expand overseas markets, SMS sending speed, low delay, 99.99% arrival rate, reliable and stable, can make each SMS speed.Talk2all international SMS platform can also provide free testing services, whether small businesses, or large enterprises with many employees, the cloud platform can meet the needs of customers. The standardized API interface can realize the rapid access of customer CRM system and cloud communication service platform, and can also customize the opening of various communication service functions.