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Director Zhang Junping went to Talk2all telecom limited to conduct research.

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On the afternoon of October 19, 2023, Zhang Junping, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Hunan Provincial Business Service Center, visited and conducted research at Talk2all telecom limited. Lu Zipei, CEO of Hunan Guoyu Lianchuang Holdings Group, and the head of the Investment Promotion Department of the center accompanied him. 


During the discussion, Zhang Junping gained a detailed understanding of the company's operations and development demands, fully recognizing the achievements of Talk2all telecom limited as a rapidly growing scientific and technological enterprise in the field of network communication. He pointed out that Talk2all telecom limited should focus on its advantages in specific areas, refine its products, strengthen its industry, continuously improve its industrial development level and core competitiveness, and achieve better development. At the same time, the "Entrepreneurship China Dream" should fully play its role as a platform, actively provide services, and facilitate the landing of more specialized and innovative projects by small and medium-sized enterprises in Hunan. 

Zheng Zhigang, Chairman of Hunan Talk2all telecom limited., said, "We sincerely thank Director Zhang Junping for his guidance and suggestions. Our company will closely follow the steps of the Provincial Service Center, deepen scientific research and innovation, maintain a good safety bottom line, and hope to contribute to the transformation of more industrial-academic-research ecosystems and scientific research achievements." 

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