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Is International SMS Marketing Illegal? How to send marketing SMS?

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    Is international SMS marketing illegal? For a new enterprise user, the first thing to understand is what is international SMS marketing? International SMS marketing, as the name implies, is the behavior of multinational enterprise users sending SMS notifications, product promotion, brand promotion and other content marketing information to customers by means of the international SMS service platform to achieve the purpose of sales and profit. International SMS marketing can promote user transactions, achieve expected results, and save trouble, time, money and worry for enterprise users. With such promotion tools, more customer resources can be obtained, and more and more enterprise users attach great importance to and use the internationalSMS marketing platform.

    International SMS marketing itself is not illegal, but if the content of SMS marketing involves spreading gambling, violence, murder, terrorist content or instigating crimes, teaching criminal methods, and promoting false advertisements, illegal links, etc. These SMS messages to defraud money, All kinds of illegal activities are illegal. In addition, if enterprise users do not want to be deceived, they need to choose a formal service platform.

A formal and legal international short message service platform meets at least the following two requirements:

    1. Use SMS with complete qualifications and formal channels to send;

    2. The content complies with relevant laws and regulations and the regulations of the operator.
II. How to send marketing SMS?

    1. The marketing activity cycle is appropriate, the time of the activity should not be too long, and the interval between the marketing activities should not be too long, so as to stably lock long-term customers;

    2. Marketing discounts or selling points can arouse customers' desire to buy. On the basis of creative marketing, repeated marketing is carried out to let customers have an impression of the product, and customers will understand the product and brand through the deepening of the impression, thereby promoting customer transactions;

    3. Choose a regular platform. It is very important to choose a regular and stable SMS platform.The talk2all international SMS platform has stable channel resources and is supported by a professional technical team, helping customers to send SMS messages to all parts of the world in the shortest time and with the highest efficiency, so as to maximize the effect of SMS marketing.