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What are the functions of international SMS? How to open international SMS?

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 International SMS is a great help to cross-border enterprises. Many cross-border enterprises need to use the international SMS group service. The touch rate of SMS is very high. No matter how the network develops, the role of SMS is irreplaceable. In the era of rising prices, the charging of SMS is still the same as before. It is not only low, but also can more accurately convey the information that enterprises want to express.

  There are many kinds of international SMS application scenarios, and many enterprises in all walks of life need to send SMS in groups. Different SMS contents express different meanings. For example, notification type SMS can also be divided into many types, such as logistics notification, reservation notification, final payment notification, new product push notification, game notification, etc.

一、 what are the functions of international SMS

 1, can send international marketing SMS, international notification SMS, international marketing SMS, international SMS verification

Code, financial promotional messages.

  2. Able to provide a series of SMS solutions for enterprises in need.

  3, you can specify the accurate sending target, users only need to set their own SMS content, time, hair

Delivery quantity can be sent at any time.

  4. Better communicate with customers and recommend products to users in a way that users like.

二、How to open international SMS

  1. Select an appropriate international SMS platform to complete account registration and enterprise certification.

  2. Edit SMS content, add SMS signature, and test SMS channel.

  3. If you pass the test, recharge and pay.

  4. Sending SMS messages, you can set the sending time according to the user's own requirements.

  5. After sending the message, you can check the sending status through the platform background to confirm whether the message has arrived.

  When choosing a platform, users need to be aware that a platform with a low price and a 100% arrival rate cannot be selected. Although the price of international SMS is not high, it also needs a certain cost. The arrival rate of no platform can reach 100%, because the sending of international SMS not only tests the route of the platform, but also has requirements on the receiving users.