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What are the advantages of international SMS? How to send international SMS?

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With the rapid development of global information, international communication and transmission have created a lot of business opportunities for some large enterprises to go international. International SMS is a marketing method used by more and more multinational companies to promote their brands and open the global market due to its characteristics of fast transmission speed, high cost performance, good effect and accurate target. Now what are the advantages of international SMS and how to send international SMS?

Ⅰ,The advantages of international SMS

    1. Fast transmission speed. As long as the edited content is sent to the user, it can be successfully delivered in 3-5 seconds;

    2. Sending time and region are not limited. Text messages can be sent whenever it is convenient for the other party, whether it is day or night;

    3. Accurate goals. As long as you set the time and quantity, it can be accurately sent to the specified target;

    4.Low cost, high efficiency. Compared with other forms of communication, the cost of international SMS is relatively low, and because of sending fast, the effect is naturally good;

    5.The content is confidential and safe. International SMS operators are improving the confidentiality system, so users do not have to worry about the content of messages will be leaked.

, How to send international short messages?

    There are two ways to send international short messages. One is to send messages directly to the other party through mobile phones. The second way is to use the international short message service platform to send messages according to the number specified by the short message interface provided by the operator.

When sending international SMS messages, pay attention to the following issues:

    1. Two-way opening problem. Two-way means that both domestic and foreign countries can receive and send SMS messages, one-way means that only the target country can receive and reply SMS messages.

    2. International short messages must be written in accordance with the sending specifications when being sent. The sending number must be in accordance with the order of international prefix, country code and mobile phone number to complete the sending of international short messages;

    3. Text message editing content can not involve pornography, gambling, drug prohibited words, false propaganda and illegal links.