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Why international SMS failed to send? How to activate international SMS?

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    Compared with ordinary text messages, international text messages have much higher restrictions in all aspects. There are requirements for both the sender and the recipient. No matter what kind of SMS is sent, the platform cannot guarantee 100% arrival on the way. In particular, the SMS verification code has very high requirements on the quality of the channel. If the user does not receive the SMS verification code during registration, it is easy to cause the loss of customers. So what are the reasons for the failure of SMS sending?

The reason for the failure to send SMS

Reasons for SMS sender:

  1. The content of the international SMS is illegal, including some sensitive words. When it is sent, it is blocked and blocked by the state, which leads to the failure of sending. Users only need to delete the illegal words.

  2. The signature of the SMS has not been reviewed by the platform and is blocked by international operators. You can contact the customer service of the SMS platform for qualification review.

  3. The sending number provided by the user has been shut down, is empty, or has been blacklisted by international operators.

  4. Too many text messages were sent in the day, and the same number received the same text message too many times.

  5. The channel of the international SMS platform is unstable.

Reasons for SMS recipients:

  1. The recipient's location signal is not good, the number is stopped or the number is empty.

  2. The recipient's mobile phone is set to prohibit unfamiliar numbers from sending text messages.

  3. The local carrier's high limit caused the sending to fail.

  4. The user's mobile inbox is full.

How to open international SMS

  1. Select a suitable international SMS platform and contact customer service to register a platform account.

  2. Edit the content of the text message to test the short message line.

  3. After the test is passed, the user recharges and confirms the company's signature.

  4. Set the sending time and start sending.

  5. Check the SMS sending status through the SMS background.

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