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What does SMS international channel mean? What is the SMS international channel?

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   For companies with overseas promotion ideas, mass messaging is a cost-effective marketing method. Bulk SMS can make the sender's information reach the potential customer's mobile phone at the specified time, and because the location information of the receiver's customer can be grasped, it can help the sender to locate the target customer more accurately.

1. The meaning of SMS international channel

    The short message channel refers to a short message sending interface directly provided by the operator to achieve a docking channel for custom sending or batch sending of short messages with the number specified by the customer. At present, the domestic short message channel market is mainly composed of three major operators: 106 channel, telecom virtual short message channel and 1069 triple play enterprise real-name channel.

2. Types of SMS international channels

    SMS channels include but are not limited to domestic channels, but also foreign channels. Foreign channels are generally called international channels. The price of international channels is slightly more expensive than that of domestic SMS channels, but the restrictions will be less than domestic channels.

3. Advantages of SMS international channels

    The short message platform is a tool for sending short messages, and the short message channel refers to the channel provided by the operator. In short, when an enterprise needs to send text messages in bulk, it needs to select the dominant short message channel on each SMS platform for mass message promotion. In this process, the SMS platform is equivalent to a medium, building a bridge between channels and enterprises. If the enterprise chooses the channel directly from the operator, although the quality is good, it will increase the operation and management cost, which is very uneconomical. Therefore, when choosing an SMS platform, it is necessary to consider SMS channel resources.

4. Recommended by international SMS platform

    Talk2al international SMS group sending platform not only has independent ports, but also can provide multiple backup channels for enterprise users. There are few language restrictions for sending content, and it is not limited to countries and regions (our channel has global coverage of up to 220+ countries and regions), and has served 100,000+ users so far, and can also provide users with a test channel for free.

    Talk2al international SMS group platform package price is transparent and will not charge any additional fees. Each consumption detail can be viewed through the platform.