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Why is international SMS more expensive than domestic? How much is it to send a text message to South Korea?

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International SMS is transnational SMS, is the bridge between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises. There are two kinds of SMS in China: one is daily communication between users, and the other is mass SMS, which helps enterprises send verification codes, logistics information, holiday wishes and other information.

International SMS has realized the internationalization of communication between multinational enterprises, so that the communication of enterprises in various regions is more convenient. International short messages are sent through exclusive channels through which carriers other than the three major carriers interconnect with carriers in other regions. There are two ways to send international short messages: one is sent through personal mobile phones, the other is sent through international short messages platforms.

Why is international short message more expensive than ordinary short message

International SMS needs to rely on the channel between the platform operator and other international operators to send messages. Although the channel operator does not need to pay the cost, when users use the channel, they need to pay a certain fee to the operator. If there is a certain cost, the fee will be higher.

Domestic SMS does not need to rely on a specific platform to send, there are also a lot of mass messaging software in the market, the cost is not high and the price is naturally lower than international SMS.

How much money to send SMS to South Korea

1. Use your personal phone to send

If customers only need to send a small number of SMS messages, they can choose to send them by mobile phone, and they need to pay international roaming charges to the operator, which is about 0.5-1.5 yuan per message.

2. Use international platforms to send

International SMS platforms do not have international roaming charges, although there is a cost of use but the price is not very high. The more the number of SMS messages sent, the lower the price, generally between 0.1 and 0.2 yuan sent to South Korea.

The price of international SMS will vary according to the charges of operators in different regions and countries. Usually, international SMS platforms will charge users in the form of and charges. Formal platforms will let users pay after the successful test of SMS channel first, and will not let users blindly recharge to avoid the loss caused by failure to send.