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How to interconnect the international SMS group interface? International SMS group platform which good?

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Today, with offline sales prevailing and cross-border e-commerce flourishing, international SMS is used by many multinational enterprises to carry out global promotion and marketing activities for their products and services, so as to achieve customer acquisition rate and improve the stickiness between enterprises and customers.

International SMS group services can be divided into three categories: SMS verification code, SMS notification and SMS marketing. The use of SMS verification code, is to prevent a few lawbreakers through the computer automatic identification, the use of some technical means to pretend to be a person to perform operations, crack the password, so as to implement telecom fraud, damage the interests of enterprise customers.SMS interface implements the principle of one machine, one code, to ensure that the economic interests of enterprise users are not lost, but also to ensure the personal privacy and property security of users, to prevent the occurrence of network fraud, SMS interface is to complete such requirements. Its basic principle is that the platform sends a random number, and the user can edit the random number through the mobile phone and feed back to the platform. If the two numbers are consistent, the process of how to connect the SMS interface is not very complicated. The operation steps are described as follows:

First step, choose a high-quality SMS platform, such as Talk2all international platform;

The second step, contact the platform customer service to register their own enterprise account;

Step 3: Complete the real-name authentication;

Step 4 Enter the SMS background, complete the technical docking and successful test;

Step 5: Sign a contract with the service platform and pay the pre-payment.

After completing these five steps, the SMS interface can be used officially, even if it is successfully connected

Obviously, the choice of regular SMS service platform is the most important step. Talk2all international SMS group messaging platform has various SMS operation qualification certificates, easy to operate, complete platform functions, a wide range of application scenarios, high-quality channel resources, professional technical team, can provide free testing, stable and safe, after-sales service in place, to ensure your consumption safety, save money and worry.