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What are the advantages of SMS receiving platform?How does the SMS receiving platform charge?

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    Bulk SMS is a very effective way of promotion. It can not only help enterprises improve efficiency, but also increase their influence. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of SMS group promotion.

1. Accuracy advantage

    The mobile phone number has regional characteristics, and the location of the mobile phone user can be determined completely according to the mobile phone number. The mobile phone number has a fixed length, and each mobile phone number is a precious resource, and the SMS promotion platform used does not need to waste a lot of time to guess the number, with high accuracy and fast efficiency.

2. Efficiency advantage

    The same is the use of network media, and the difference from other methods is that it is more credible, more intuitive and efficient to publish enterprise or enterprise product information to the target customer's mobile phone through the SMS group sending platform. The SMS group sending platform can select specific groups of people according to the company's own resources and directly publish the information to the customer's mobile phone, so that the target customers can intuitively understand the relevant information of the company and the product, increase the interest in the product, and then promote the transaction.

3. Price advantage

    In enterprises that do not use the way of mass texting, the enterprise must consume human, material and financial resources to recruit for actual sales, send some advertising leaflets, and spend money to buy advertising spaces on the Internet. Expenses often become a burden for enterprises, and choosing a SMS promotion platform has low prices and significant effects, and the economic advantages are clear.

    The number of group text messages is different, and the price charged by the platform is also different. Moreover, some platforms charge according to the number of SMS sent by overseas enterprises, regardless of whether the SMS is successfully sent or not, the price of one SMS is charged. However, some platforms charge by the number of SMS messages successfully sent. The type of SMS that the overseas enterprises choose to push also determines the price. Some platforms charge a higher price for marketing SMS, and some platforms charge a higher price for verification code SMS, which also depends on how the platform is set up.