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How to send marketing content in international SMS?How to improve the conversion rate of international SMS marketing?

AddDate: 2022-07-22 Author: 娇 Hits:

In the current situation of the spread of the epidemic and the increasingly depressed economy, in order to survive and develop, more and more corporate users, cross-border e-commerce, social live broadcast and other industries are using international SMS platforms for SMS marketing to spread their brands to the world. promotion to get more target customers.

    In this information age, various marketing text messages are flying all over the sky. As for whether customers will view marketing text messages, it is necessary to work hard on the planning skills of text message content. So, how to edit the content that customers are interested in and can readily accept, now give the following suggestions:

1. Through the Internet big data resource library, tap potential customers.

2. Understand customer spending habits and purchasing power to achieve precise goals.

3. Clarify the marketing purpose, what product or brand to promote, and then design the content of the SMS in a targeted manner.

4. Control the number of words, and the content of the text message should be as short as possible, within 70 characters.

5. The marketing focus of SMS should be placed in the front as far as possible, and do not test the patience of customers.

6. The content of text messages cannot contain prohibited words such as pornography, gambling, drugs, false publicity and illegal links, and cannot contain content that violates laws and regulations.

7. Control the sending frequency. Too many marketing text messages will cause customer disgust and lead to blocking.

8. It is best to choose holiday delivery, and send holiday blessings to make customers feel warm and have a good impression.

9. Give full play to your imagination and creativity, master the art of language, make the words humorous and interesting, and the content is readable, so as to attract customers, make them feel fresh, impressed, and arouse the desire to buy.

10.  Understand the customer's living habits, master the sending time, and estimate when the customers to look at the phone, send it then.

    Good marketing content can naturally improve the conversion rate of SMS marketing. And the most important point is to choose a high-quality SMS platform, such as Talk2all international SMS platform.