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Can international SMS messages be sent 24 hours a day? How to send international SMS messages at the right time?

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        International SMS message can enable enterprises to realize barrier free instant messaging connection with global users. Now it has become a way for most enterprises to promote business. Is there a time limit for the use of SMS group sending? Can I send group messages 24 hours a day? In fact, this is not the case. SMS promotion also needs to set the sending time in strict accordance with the opening hours of the international SMS  platform.

The application scenario and sending time of SMS group sending generally follow the following methods, which are more effective. The methods are as follows

1. After you have made a monthly and phased marketing plan, you can write different group text messages, and then set the sending time. This not only avoids the problems of delays and mistakes at that time, but also reduces the workload of extension personnel.

2.  For enterprises engaged in transnational promotion, because the time zones are different between different countries, enterprises can set the time so that the time zone will no longer become an obstacle to work.

3.  Different types of customers also have different active periods. We can set the best promotion time according to the product characteristics. For example, some beauty products aimed at female users are more interested in reading after work. They can send them at 17:30 or 19:30 in the evening.

4. Enterprises can also send SMS care or reminders to users in bad weather, and the time can be set in advance to remind users to be prepared.

   Of course, before sending international SMS messages, it is best to distinguish different factors such as users' preferences, age, nature of work, and send them messages at different time points, because regular mass texting can get more attention and a higher success rate. Therefore, it is also important to choose the right enterprise SMS platform. Try to choose a larger SMS group sending platform with complete qualification certificates and rich channel resources for cooperation.

Based on the above reasons, we should carefully look for and analyze each short message, and we believe that the promotion effect of enterprises will be improved from qualitative change to quantitative change.