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Can international SMS be sent? Why did the sending of international SMS fail?

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一、 Can international SMS be sent?

   Nowadays, due to the development of world trade, international exchanges have become increasingly frequent, and international SMS has also been widely used. International SMS can be sent out. International SMS sending methods are generally divided into two kinds: personal mobile phone sending and third-party platform sending.

   The way of sending international SMS by personal mobile phone is slightly different from that of sending domestic SMS: add the international prefix 00 and the country code in front of the contact's mobile phone number. The international prefix is unified, while the country codes of various countries are different. For example: the other party's mobile phone number is 199..... In the United States, and the country code of the United States is 1. Then, the format of filling in the contact is: 001199....., and there can be no spaces between the numbers; The number of words of the edited SMS content cannot exceed 70 characters.

  The second kind: send with the help of international SMS platform. This method of sending is widely used by multinational enterprises to expand overseas business. Select the appropriate platform, open the international SMS service, and complete a series of processes before sending.

二、why did the sending of international SMS fail?

In general, international SMS can be sent successfully, which leads to the failure of sending, usually for the following reasons:

1. The format of international SMS sending is wrong, such as: the international prefix and national code are wrong;

2. The content of SMS includes illegal content, special symbols, forbidden words, false propaganda and illegal links;

3. The content of the short message is too long, exceeding the limit characters;

4. If it exceeds the sending limit of the same day, there is a limit on the number of international SMS sent every day;

5. The number sent is an empty number and the user set as a blacklist by the other party;

6. During the peak period of holidays, the international SMS channel is congested during holidays, which may delay the sending;

7. Choose the informal point SMS service platform.

   These are the reasons why international text messages cannot be sent. Choosing a formal SMS platform, such as talk2all international SMS platform, can solve all these problems, and let you worry, rest assured, and have no worries at all.