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Can I send an international message? Will the number of group text messages be limited?

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     Personal mobile phones can be directly connected to send international short messages, send international short messages with personal mobile phones without additional opening business, SMS operation and usual is the same, the main difference is to send format and charge standards are different. For most companies that want to do business abroad, mass international text messaging is a necessity.

1. Can I send an international message?

    Personal phones are not suitable for sending international text messages in bulk. Most countries have policies and regulations to prevent the infiltration of international spam and are prone to being blacklisted. If there are a large number of international short messages, it is recommended that you use the third-party international short message platform and the international short message service of the short message platform to realize the group sending of short messages. Some domestic enterprises will cooperate with foreign customers. Once enterprises need to send marketing information and business information to international customers, they need international SMS service providers to provide service support.

2. How much is an international message?

    The price of international message is different for each international and regional price, which depends on where to send and what channel you choose. Of course, the higher the quantity, the better the price.

    If it is a mass international text message, it is recommended that you do not use your mobile phone number to mass text message, easy to trigger the carrier system to prevent harassment "spam message" interception mechanism. If you really need to send a large number of messages, you can use a third-party SMS platform. A professional, qualified business is better than an unqualified business. The former have a wider range of countries, better channels, faster delivery times and no loss during mass international text messages. They care more about brand and user retention. For example, TALK2ALL international SMS platform, with the help of international SMS channel, not only has no impact on their mobile phones, the relative cost is also much lower.

    Talk2all International short message platform adopts internationally recognized encrypted transmission mode when processing data, to achieve the safe transmission and processing of data between the operator and the short message platform, and the confidentiality measures are perfect. When sending a group international text message, there is no need to worry about the content of the message being leaked.