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How to send SMS verification code of foreign mobile phone number? Domestic and foreign short message verification code platform which is good?

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With the rapid development of the global economy, the economic exchanges among countries are getting closer and closer, and the scale of international trade is also expanding. At the same time, more and more enterprises choose to develop their business in other countries. Enterprises in the promotion of the same time often encounter a lot of problems, today to talk about enterprises in the choice of SMS platform should pay attention to what aspects.

 Choose the international verification code platform with complete SMS operation qualifications

1. You can check whether there is negative information on the platform through the whole network search such as Baidu and Google.

2. Check whether the platform has relevant operation certificates, such as enterprise business license and value-added telecom service license.

3. Operation years of the SMS verification code platform and relevant successful cooperation cases.

Billing is successful after SMS sending

        There are two kinds of billing methods in the current short message market, "submission" billing and "SMS sending success" billing. Generally, regular and reliable group texting companies use "SMS sending success" billing method, which can effectively reduce the marketing and promotion costs of enterprises. No matter how many mobile phone numbers companies submit to the platform, the platform will only be charged for the successful part of the text message

SMS sending status can be checked

The formal SMS platform background will show the sending status of the SMS, which can make the enterprise clearly see which messages are sent successfully, which are sent failed and the cause of sending failure.

 International Verification Code platform for free testing

Most of the short message platforms in the market will provide a number of free short message testing services for enterprises to better understand the platform functions and performance. So that enterprises can have a more in-depth experience of the sending speed and arrival rate of short messages.

        Before the SMS verification code comes out, we may need to fill in a lot of information when registering an account online and may not be registered successfully. The procedure is very tedious. After the SMS verification code is released, we will receive the SMS verification code when we register the APP, change the password, and pay by mobile phone, which is used to verify the user's identity. One might wonder. Whether this verification method is secure. There was no identification involved at all. Your identity is actually verified when you send the verification code. Because we will use the ID card in the registration of mobile phone number. Therefore, only one verification code is needed to completely verify the user's identity information.