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What is an international text message? How are international text messages sent?

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The international SMS is the same as the domestic SMS, and the card sending and regular SMS channels can be selected. There are different ways to send international SMS messages, and international platforms can make different choices.When using the card to send messages, users often can not receive SMS, the user experience is very poor, Therefore, it is recommended that customers in need choose regular SMS channels.

1. Sending international SMS messages:

 There are two main ways to send international SMS: One is personal sending. The specific way is: 00 + country code + user number or 00+ region code + user number; One is enterprise-level international SMS, generally looking for a professional international SMS service platform.

2. Advantages of international SMS platform:

The SMS platform is simple, convenient, and safe to deploy.  It can manage a large number of contacts, quickly send different types of SMS in batches, and also support massive data processing. It can not only send millions of SMS messages in batches, but also import, editing, and management of millions of data.

3. International SMS platform selection:

 Nowadays, there are many international SMS platforms in the market, but each international SMS enterprise serves different regions, including the price.

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