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What is International SMS? How to open international SMS service?

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In the development of enterprises, SMS has become an important bridge for communication between enterprises and users. No matter what kind of scenarios, or facing different types of enterprises, SMS group sending is an indispensable part. It can meet the daily operation needs of the e-commerce industry, and can also help other industries to promote new products and maintain customers. The application scenarios of SMS can be seen everywhere in our life. Everyone's mobile phone receives different types of mass messages every day, such as express logistics SMS, new product push SMS, holiday blessing SMS, etc.

The application scenarios of international short messages and ordinary short messages are different. The difference is that international short messages can be sent in batches only through special channels on the platform. Because it is sent across borders, there are also many restrictions on international SMS. According to the policies of different countries and regions, users need to understand their relevant regulations in advance before sending, so as to avoid violating the regulations, resulting in failure to send SMS or being reported.

How to open international SMS service?

1. Users first need to clarify the needs of their own enterprises, and then select a regular international SMS platform as needed.

2. Contact the platform customer service to register an account and complete the enterprise real-name authentication.

3. Determine the SMS signature and SMS content, and test whether the content passes.

4. After the content is passed, the user can choose whether to recharge or not, and the user can set the sending time.

5. After starting to send, users can check the sending status through the platform background.

    The application scenarios of international SMS are divided into four categories: notification SMS, logistics SMS, SMS verification code, and marketing SMS. It can assist enterprises to complete platform identity verification, payment information confirmation, express logistics reminders, holiday blessings, and order confirmation notifications. The industries involved include e-commerce, education and medical care, financial industry, catering industry, logistics industry, foreign trade websites, overseas social apps and other major industries, helping companies expand their business and achieve maximum reporting with minimal investment.