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How much does it cost to send an international SMS now? What are the rates for different countries?

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    International SMS can make communication between multinational companies easier and can help multinational companies maintain their business at the lowest cost during an epidemic. International SMS is not sent through traditional carriers, because it involves sending between countries, so there are many restrictions on the channel and content of the messages sent.Generally, the international SMS platform connects with the lines of other countries in the world to send and receive international SMS. The application scenarios of international SMS are also very wide.Able to provide international notification SMS, international SMS verification code, international logistics SMS, international marketing SMS, etc. Some platforms are also able to provide a range of SMS solutions for enterprises. So how much does it cost to send international SMS? Let's learn more about it.

I.International SMS rates

    International SMS has no uniform charge standard, although it is very cheap, but also need to charge a certain service fee.Unlike ordinary rates, international SMS platforms generally take the form of pre-charging, but the corresponding line can be tested before the user tops up, and the user can choose whether to top up after the test pass.Formal platforms will have a user to view the status of SMS sending and real-time consumption records, consumption details of each SMS can be seen above. The platform deduction fee is based on the amount of the user sends, so users do not need to worry about the platform will deduct the fee arbitrarily.

II.the factors affecting the price of international SMS

    1、For different international SMS platforms, the different prices of the docking operators will also cause the price floating.

    2. Differences in the language, number of characters and specific restrictions of content sent by different carriers will also cause price fluctuations.

    3. National and regional differences and cost levels also affect prices.

    Example: Usa 0.1-0.2 yuan/message

    Singapore 0.2-0.3 yuan/message

    Indonesia 0.4-0.5 yuan/message

    Vietnam 0.3-0.4 yuan/message

    With the increasing demand for international SMS, there are more and more international SMS platforms on the market. Please do not choose an informal platform when choosing.If you have the need to send international SMS please contact Talk2all online customer service, Talk2all international SMS platform not only provides free test, customer service is also 24 hours online, you are welcome to consult!