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What are the overseas SMS verification code platforms?How to choose?

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There are countless overseas SMS verification platforms on the market. For enterprise users, choosing an overseas SMS verification platform can be analyzed and selected from the aspects of certificate, price, channel resources, platform functions, sending speed, sending rate and after-sales service.

1. Certificate: The threshold for the information service industry is high, and the platform must have relevant qualifications to engage in SMS verification code business, and it is a formal entity company that needs to have a business license, a telecommunications value-added business license, etc.

2. Price: As far as the overseas SMS verification market is concerned, each SMS is generally charged between 3-6 cents, and the price of each platform is different, even the same platform, the price of different countries and regions will be different.

3. Channel resources: Most corporate customers do not understand SMS channels and channel resources. Generally, regular overseas SMS verification code platforms can be directly connected to operators.

4. Platform functions: complete functions, including the most commonly used functions of users, such as checking the SMS sending record, whether the sending status is successful, whether it can be sent regularly, etc., allowing users to quickly master each module, and the operation process is convenient and fast, in order to meet the expectations of many users .

5. Sending speed: Refers to the time from the user's click to receiving the SMS verification code. Generally, it takes 3-5 seconds to receive the SMS verification code.

6. Sending rate: The arrival rate of SMS group sending depends on many factors. The interception of mobile phone-related software, the state of the mobile phone, and whether the user unsubscribes will affect the effect of SMS. Generally speaking, the normal arrival rate of SMS platform is above 90%.

7. After-sales service: When there is a problem when the company sends a short message, it can contact customer service personnel or technical support personnel to help solve it, so as to ensure that customers can get the best consumption experience during the use of the product.

For corporate customers who need to send or verify a large number of SMS verification codes, it is recommended to contact the SMS platform directly. Talk2all international SMS platform provides enterprises with a certain number of free test SMS, so that enterprises can have a more in-depth experience of the sending speed and arrival rate of SMS.