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What are the advantages of SMS marketing? How to choose the SMS platform for mass international marketing SMS?

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 With the acceleration of economic globalization, more and more enterprises are not satisfied with the domestic development and expand their business scope to the international market. International SMS has become a marketing channel for multinational enterprises to promote their brands. Compared with other marketing methods, the advantages of international SMS marketing are:

  1. Low operating cost now is the era of mobile Internet.

  Almost everyone has a mobile phone. Compared with traditional TV advertising and outdoor advertising, SMS marketing has an absolute advantage in price;

  2. The target accurate

SMS can reach the customer's mobile phone accurately, which is convenient for the customer to read and will not cause trouble to the customer;

3. Instant

SMS can quickly reach the target in a short time, enable the target customers to browse the SMS content in time, and play a great role in the promotion and marketing of enterprises;

4. Flexibility

can send different short message contents to target customers in different time periods to better shorten the distance between enterprise users and target customers;

5. Pertinence

the publicity content can be sent to different customer groups in batches in a short time to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

SMS marketing has so many advantages, so how to choose the SMS platform for mass international marketing? Now let's take you to know the skills of choosing an international SMS platform:

一、The operation qualification of the platform must be complete

Formal ones shall have relevant operation certificates, i.e. enterprise business license and value-added telecom business license.

  二、 It can be tested for free

  to better understand the function and performance of the platform. The platform must provide free testing of a certain number of short messages. So that enterprises can have a more in-depth experience of the sending speed and arrival rate of the platform.

  三、 To provide perfect after-sales service

  we need to promise that in case of SMS channel failure and other problems in the later period, the after-sales customer service of the platform should be online all day, arrange professional personnel to solve them quickly and provide long-term maintenance.

  In the international market, various SMS platforms are dazzling and uneven. Talk2all international short message platform has the characteristics of wide coverage, fast sending, high arrival rate, security and stability. It ranks among the high-quality international platforms and is trusted by users.