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How to send international marketing SMS? What needs to be added for international SMS?

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 International marketing SMS generally refers to the use of mobile phones to send international SMS to promote overseas customers, which can make the sender's information reach the mobile phones of potential customers at a specified time, and can help the sender locate the target customers more accurately because it can master the location information of the receiving customers. The role of SMS marketing is close and direct, because mobile phones can be delivered to recipients anytime, anywhere, and are truly personalized and communication oriented marketing media. Therefore, it can provide continuous whole process international marketing SMS content services, and realize the SMS marketing mode of "long-term fishing for big fish".

1. how to send international marketing SMS?

  Before the promotion of international marketing SMS, the SMS platform will strictly review the content, including some sensitive industries such as real estate, education and financial audit, to prevent illegal content.

  In addition to sending some regular notifications, notification SMS can also be used for activity introduction, business promotion, etc. At this time, you should clearly state what you want to promote in as few words as possible. Do not have the subjective consciousness of "if you write too many messages, users will not read them". If you don't write, users won't even have a chance to read them. Instead, they will squander a promotion.

  International marketing SMS needs to use the most concise and direct language to ridicule users' consumption psychology, fully attract users, and realize transaction or transformation through landing pages.

2. what needs to be added for international SMS?

  There are two main ways to send international SMS. One is personal sending. The specific way is: 00 + country code + user number or 00+ region code + user number; One is enterprise level international SMS, which is generally to find a professional international SMS service platform.

  In general, international SMS marketing, as the most popular means of promotion, is still very necessary.

  Talk2all international SMS platform can provide a one-stop cloud communication service for the majority of enterprise users, covering products such as verification code SMS, notification SMS, marketing SMS, overseas SMS and mobile phone number authentication.