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How to send international SMS? How are international text messages charged?

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Nowdays,economic globalization and international trade continue to develop, and international exchanges are also increasingly frequent. International SMS is used as a common communication tool by more and more multinational enterprises because of its simplicity and convenient operation and it can support multiple languages. The usage scenarios of international SMS are very wide, and its main functions are: verification code SMS, member notification SMS, and marketing SMS.1. How to send international SMS? There are generally two ways to send international short messages: personal mobile phone sending and service platform sending.

1. Personal mobile phone sending is the same as the sending method of ordinary domestic short messages, but the sending format is different. You need to add a prefix before the contact number: that is, the international number 00, plus the corresponding country code of the other party;

2. Sending with the help of the service platform, the group text messages between multinational enterprise users and international customers need to be sent with the help of the international short message service platform. Because the international short message service platform is simple, convenient and fast, it can handle more than one million messages at the same time, allowing users to save time, worry and money. Whether it is sent by personal mobile phone or through a service platform, there are regulations and restrictions on the editing of text messages. Prohibited words, false propaganda and illegal connections related to pornography, gambling and drugs cannot be edited, so as to avoid international operators being Restricted as spam text messages, resulting in failure to send.

3. How to charge for international SMS?

 There is no uniform standard for international SMS charges. Different countries and regions have different charging prices. Different SMS platforms have different charges. Generally, the fee for sending an international text message from a mobile phone varies from one yuan. If corporate users send mass messages to customers through the international short message service platform, the charge for an international short message is generally between 0.02 and 0.08 yuan.

The international short message service platform generally implements the "prepaid" method of charging. The enterprise user pays the prepaid fee, which will be displayed in the enterprise user's SMS management account, and the fee will be deducted according to the actual amount used by the user. of. Based on the principle of large-volume discounts, the platform usually recommends that users choose to purchase packages in order to enjoy greater discount.