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What benefits can international SMS bring to enterprises? How to plan SMS marketing?

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Now all countries in the world are in the Internet era, the continuous update and development of intelligence and information technology, to people's lives have brought rapid changes. International exchanges and trade are also increasingly frequent. International short message as one of the many marketing channels, to the enterprise marketing effect can not be underestimated, is accepted by more and more multinational enterprises.The application scenarios of international SMS are very wide, including notification SMS, membership SMS and marketing SMS.

Compared with other marketing methods, SMS marketing not only saves costs, but also can be more convenient, more directly promote the communication between enterprises and customers, quickly achieve the desired effect. And with the development of mobile phone intelligence, international text messages can be sent in various forms such as text, pictures, voice and video.

Marketing SMS is divided into four types: notification type marketing SMS, blessing type marketing SMS, promotional type marketing SMS and advertising type marketing SMS. Marketing SMS can bring so many benefits for enterprises, then, how to plan SMS marketing?

The basic scheme of short message marketing:

1. Planning marketing activities

Marketing activities should not be too long to avoid customer fatigue;

2.clear marketing purpose

Who am I? What am I doing here? Explain the purpose, so that users understand in a second;

3. Target accurately

The target object must be precise customers;

4, the content is concise

The content should be short and concise, no more than 70 characters;

5. Concise copywriting

Create creative copywriting, let customers deepen the impression, stimulate the desire to buy;

6. Master the sending time and control the sending frequency

To understand the customer's work and rest time, so as not to disturb the customer, at the same time to avoid frequent sending, causing customer disgust;

7. Choose a formal service platform

On the market, there are many irregular platforms, users must be Sassafras eyes, do not be cheap or even free to be confused, to prevent the misselection of informal message platform, resulting in information leakage and property loss.