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How to send overseas SMS?What are the charges?

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    Sending overseas text messages has become a common marketing technique for many companies with overseas business, and the development of international text messages also marks the development of overseas companies. So, what is the method of sending SMS on the international SMS platform? What is the standard of charge?

How to send SMS abroad

    When sending overseas text messages, you must first edit the content to be sent, and edit in the number: international code (00) + country code + user mobile phone number, and then click Send. You can find the specific country code on the Internet, and then send SMS according to this mode.

    But remind everyone that personal mobile phones are not suitable for sending a large number of international text messages. Generally speaking, all countries have policies and regulations to prevent the penetration of overseas spam text messages. If you frequently use your personal mobile phone number to send overseas text messages, it is easy to be blacklisted.

    Generally speaking, some domestic enterprises with overseas business will choose to cooperate with overseas SMS providers. Once an enterprise needs to send marketing short messages to international customers, the overseas short message sending platform can provide service support when business short messages are needed.

International SMS charging standards

    The charging standard of international short message platforms is generally to charge a certain fee to the enterprise, and then deduct the fee according to the actual number of short messages. Such deductions are called "upfront charges" and "volume discounts."

    The exchange amount of an international short message is generally between 0.2 yuan and 0.8 yuan per piece. Generally, the sending channels of regular international short message platforms are very stable, which is why many overseas enterprises choose international short message platforms.

    When sending international text messages, you need to pay attention to some things. The laws and regulations, religions, customs and cultures of each country are different, and foreign countries are particularly sensitive to these things, so you need to pay special attention when sending international text messages, and pay attention to methods and techniques.

    In terms of the number of entries, different companies may also differ in whether to distinguish between Chinese and foreign languages, whether to count by fields or bytes, and specific restrictions.