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How long does it take to send bulk text messages abroad?What services need to be opened for international SMS?

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Ⅰ.How long does it take to send bulk text messages abroad?

    International SMS generally has three functions: international notification SMS, international verification code SMS and international marketing SMS, which are widely used in people's daily life scenarios. In order to reduce operating costs and communicate with customers more directly and quickly, more and more multinational companies choose international service platforms to send text messages to customers. So, how long does it take to send international text messages?

1. Marketing SMS sending time is generally between 30 seconds and 30 minutes, the length of time is related to the number of SMS messages sent by users, and the arrival rate is above 95%;

2. The sending time of notification SMS is generally: 3-30S arrival, the arrival rate is 99.99%;

3. The sending time of the verification code SMS is generally: 3-5S arrival, the arrival rate is 99.99%.

    For the above types of short messages, only marketing short messages take a little longer to send, because mass marketing short messages need to be strictly reviewed by operators to check whether the short messages contain sensitive words and content. In addition, the channel is congested during holidays, and the sending of bulk international text messages may be delayed.

Ⅱ.What services need to be opened for international SMS? The specific process is described as follows:

1. Choose a regular and stable international SMS platform;

2. Register an account and complete real-name authentication;

3. Add SMS signature, company name or brand name;

4. Edit the content of text messages that conform to the operator's license, and try to avoid some related prohibited words, false propaganda and illegal links;

5. Test the SMS channel, the user edits the SMS to see if the platform can send it successfully;

6. Sign a contract, sign a formal contract, the user is guaranteed

7.After completing the pre-payment, you can pre-purchase the package, which is more cost-effective for users.

    After completing these seven steps, even if the international SMS business is opened, the most important step is the first step, choosing a regular and stable international SMS platform. , Talk2all international platform platform has been in business for many years, with complete various formal qualifications, safety, stability, good reputation, and worthy of users' trust.