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Do I need to sign an international message? Can international SMS send voice?

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Do international short messages need to be signed?

igning up is a necessary process for opening international short messages. All types of SMS, whether international notification SMS, verification code SMS or marketing SMS, require a signature. The message signature can be a company name or brand name. The message signature is usually placed before or after the content, two to eight characters, enclosed in brackets. Banned keywords and other special symbols are not allowed in the message signature.

Signatures are required for international text messages because:

1.the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and operators, without the signature of the group text message is not sent out;

2. SMS channel can be timely and accurately sent to customers;

3.easy to identify customers, customers receive messages, see the signature to know the identity of the other party, not as spam messages directly deleted.

4.played the role of a business card, SMS signature is conducive to the enterprise users for their own brand promotion, publicity.

Two, international SMS can send voice?

International text messages can be sent by voice. Because of the language text message

More expressive and authentic than ordinary text messages, many enterprise users through recording voice, clearly explain and promote their products, so that customers feel more real, so that the product is more attractive, and can enhance the interaction of customers, arouse customers' desire to buy, to achieve the desired purpose. And compared with text messaging, voice messaging is more convenient and faster for businesses and customers. Voice messages are sent in the form of SMS.

Here, by the way, the specific operation method of recording voice is introduced:

First, on the home page of the mobile phone, click information, and then click Edit information. On the Edit information page, click Add Contact. After the addition, click the iMessage button at the bottom of the new pop-up page. Then in the pop-up page, click the microphone icon to record voice; After recording, hit Send and it's OK.